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Designing a Dedicated Homeschool Learning Environment for Your Children Outside Your Home

As a parent, you want your kids to have a balanced education that is both enjoyable and age-appropriate, but you don't want to compromise on the quality of their learning. You may even want them to have opportunities for academic study that don't always require you to be the teacher, while still having the chance to learn alongside other children of various ages.

Enter The Learning Space. Featuring core classes, a gym program, and parent-teacher led elective courses for children from preschool through high school. I understand that every parent's schedule is different, which is why this learning space offers flexible program days to fit the needs of your family. The programs include a one-day option, an optional two-day add-on and a variety of clubs for your children to join. Membership is rolling so the space is ready for your family whenever you find yourself needing more.

It's important to note that all of the programs require a parent or guardian to be present in the building for their duration. With families present and interacting with one another, our local homeschool community is strengthened. None of the programs are drop-off, which makes The Learning Space an excellent opportunity for work-from-home parents too. There are areas for adults to grab coffee, work, and prepare homeschool materials, so that you can make the most of your time.

Learning should be social and stress-free, and our space is designed to reflect that philosophy.

Elementary Students Learning the Alphabet

Hi! I'm Lindsi

The Vision

I want my kids doing things that are age-appropriate and fun without sacrificing a quality education. I don't want their time wasted in long school weeks, but I want to carve out time for academic study that doesn't always include me as the teacher. I want them to have learning experiences with kids of all ages.

I love learning with my kids outside. Over the years we have participated in Wilderness Kids, Wild and Free groups, hiking clubs, etc. When it came time for social sit-down learning opportunities, we were a part of some co-ops in the area. We met great people and had a lot of fun. There is so much value in all of these experiences.

How could I continue to do these things I loved with the kids as the academic expectations rose? How could I pass off some of the responsibility so I could have more of the "fun"? As a homeschooling parent, I was seeking an opportunity for cooperative learning that did a little more to "check a box" for me as a parent. A place for social opportunities that could also cover some required core courses for me. This would free up a little more of my time with the kids to be open to spontaneous activities without stress of "getting school done". That is when this vision started.

I asked myself, “What exactly do I want for my kids during the week?”

I want a program that takes a core class or two off my plate. I still want a program that allows parent-teachers to share their expertise with the group so my kids learn from a wide variety of people. I want time and space to plan my homeschool lessons so it doesn't take away from my family time at home. I want a place where my preschooler can get the attention she deserves at her age level. I want this place to be meant for my kids without the stress of being in borrowed space. I want it to be bright and kid-friendly.

This is how The Space came to be.

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Homeschool k-6​

The composite homeschool program is designed to give our children the best of both worlds. Core classes are offered by paid instructors, as well as elective ​courses offered in a traditional co-op style learning environment, where parent-teachers can share expertise in their area of interest. You'll have time and space to ​plan your homeschool lessons, without taking away from your family time at home. The k-6 program is offered one or two days a week. Looking ahead to next school​ year? Go ahead and plan on taking two core subjects right off your plate for each of your kids. We’ll help you check those boxes.​

(For siblings under 6, see the PreK Co=op) ​

Pre-K Co-Op

With four kids, I understand the importance of providing a varied learning experience for multi-aged children. That's why there is a program that caters specifically to younger siblings ​of K-6 students. They will have mini-lessons, learn music, do crafts, and participate in other fun activities that are specifically meant for our youngest learners- all while being near their​ older siblings. Parents and others will lead activities based on the Dramatic Play model. Every two weeks the theme of the preschool room will change. Activities will be based on that​ theme. Maybe it is stamp matching in the “Post Office” or learning to count by 2s in the Donut Shop. With dress up, themed toys and games- we are really excited about this for our​ littles!

As the siblings of the K-6 homeschool kids, they meet during the same one to two days a week. This unique opportunity may allow parents to have all their children covered in classes​ that are near each other, while also meeting their individual needs.


This program is focused on providing an engaging environment for children aged three and four years old that do not have older homeschooled siblings. The two-day program runs for 2.5 hours each day, giving your child plenty of time to learn, play, and grow with you close by. In our dramatic play themed preschool area, the tots will come into a newly decorated space every 2-3 weeks. Lessons and activities will be around that theme and it will culminate in a coordinating preschool field trip together! Learn in a full classroom that looks like a pizza shop, then go make your very own?? So fun!

An important part of parenting is finding community. The goal of this program is to see families connected and enjoying time together! This is not a drop off program.. During their time in the space, these Tots will have mini-lessons, learn music, do crafts, have fun moving, and participate in other fun activities that are specifically meant for our youngest learners. With a music or movement class included, and a team of teachers, there will be plenty of time to have a cup of coffee and take a break while your littlest ones are safely entertained.


How is this different from other programs in the area?

  1. First and most important- this building is FOR homeschoolers. We are not in borrowed space. When students do awesome projects, they go ON the walls of their learning environment! Come check it out- art projects in the gallery, student photography work displayed, and more!
  2. It is a composite program: some *core* classes are covered by teachers that have taken on that task for the entire year which allows parents to "check a box" for their homeschool. This means your time in group is both social AND academically relevant for your reporting. The other number of classes will be traditional co-op style. This gives us the best of both worlds!
  3. Cohesiveness. We are taking the "fun" parts of school and bringing it to our homeschool community. A Mascot, field day, yearbook club, and more,
  4. Parents get a break. There is a beautiful high-ceiling atrium for parents set up like a warm café. This is a place where you can make a latte, work, read a book, chat, etc. while your children are in class. There is also a curriculum area where parents can make copies, laminate, and prepare the remainder of their week so it doesn't take away from family time at home. Both of these things are included in the cost.
  5. Materials for classes are included.. This also includes a rolling resource plan- building a library of materials for homeschoolers over time.
  6. Teacher carts- there is space for each teacher to keep his/her planned resources in one mobile spot so there is no more lugging bags and bags to co-op!
  7. Space available for group activities. Because the building is ours, we are able to host multiple monthly events to foster a tight community among kids and parents.
  8. Preschool-having an angaging and impressive preschool design allows homeschool parents with littles satisfaction that they aren’t getting left out while the "bigs" are in class.

How does Gym work?

I have partnered with Hayner's Sports Barn to rent their space for our program. I have hired two facilitators for an age-appropriate gym class for the kids. The gym is just five or so buildings down. In addition to the general PE class, we will offer electives such as dance, exercise classes, and sports as the opportunities are made available.

Homeschool Program- This will be an optional, additional cost add-on. It will be at the end of the day so if your family chooses not to participate, your kids do not feel left out. If you so participate, you head there on your way home.

How will it be one community if there are different days?

Although there are multiple programs running under one roof, the vision is that the whole space is one that kids can share and refer to. Some plans: Mascot contest, sweatshirts, yearbook club., whole space field days, theatre or dance performances, big screen movie nights., talent show, etc..

How Does the payment structure work?

By the start of the semester, the first *and last months are due. I believe this is the most fair way to ensure that there is some level of commitment built in. This is the perfect blend of being a parent myself and understanding that I don’t want to be tied to something if it doesn’t work for my family, but also recognize that my lack of longevity could jeopardize the program as a whole if I left mid-semester.

Payment Structure: $100 deposit due. Then Sept + Dec - $100 due by the first day of program. Monthly payments due the 8th of the month for October, November. No payment in December

Membership options

Teen Program - 1 Day


Actively seeking a leader for a teen program. Message if interested

Coming SoOn


Tots Co-op



Ages 3-4

Monday and Tuesday

10:15 am - 12:30 pm

One music or movement class included

Dramatic Play theme

Themed field trips

2 day: $110/month

2nd child = $65/mo

PreK ages- homeschool


For 3-4-5 year olds with a sibling in k-5 homeschool


Dramatic Play curriculum ,


Music class

10:15 am - 2::15pm

Co-op supplies included



Hybrid Homeschool


1-2 core classes provided each day

2 co-op style sessions each day

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Supplies included

Mon/Tues- FULL !



register below:


Photography Club

Learn Camera techniques, complete photo challenges and display your work in a gallery showcase

Another session

coming soon!!



Drama Club is here! Learn the basics of projection, presentation, improv, script reading and more. Culminating in a stage production to display skills!

Homeschool PE

Kids Zumba!

Instrument Lessons:




Beginner’s Chess


July 9-12th

More details coming soon



Drama Camp is here! Learn the basics of projection, presentation, improv, script reading and more.

Dates TBD


More details coming soon

The Schedule

September-December 2024







10:15 am - 12:30pm

Homeschool K-5 Program 1

10:15 am - 2:15 pm

Music Lessons: Violin, Piano, Ukulele


Kids Zumba

2:15 pm - 3:10 pm


10:15 am - 12:30pm

Homeschool K-5 Program 1

10:15 am - 2:15 pm

Homeschool PE

2:15 pm - 3:10 pm

Homeschool K-5 Program 2

10:15 am - 2:15 pm

Homeschool K-5 Program 2

10:15 am - 2:15 pm

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